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05 Oct

A staircase that neither goes up or down. If this brings back scenes from the movie Inception, then you are going to enjoy this. If not, then you are going to enjoy this anyways. Similar to a staircase that is going nowhere, this way of thinking can itself be a paradox; my ego creating an illusion that readers are going to enjoy my writing when all the facts state the contrary – inexperienced writer with close to zero followers who writes in his spare time. Classic example of a situation or way of thinking that is accepted blindly. A dogmatic belief that aids to a good night sleep. Whether it is an illusion of choice, decision, or free will. It can be difficult accepting or extremely challenging to even consider that there is no such thing as free will; that our actions are based on series of neurological chemicals that are passing information to nervous system commanding muscles to move. Basically a program operating according to series of data, information, and inputs. Don’t get me wrong, I am not comparing us to AI; we are much dumber.

Why do we do that you may ask? Why even lie that we have a free will? Perhaps it makes us feel better believing that we are in charge, controlling our actions and way of thinking while being connected to a higher source who enlightens us with sudden wonderful intuitions that may one day clarifies our purpose on this earth. Actually, we pretend much more than we give credit to ourselves. Remove the meaning from the equation and our world will collapse. Perhaps a necessary short-term impact in order to build a new foundation. I have asked myself, while accepting that there is no self, that what is purpose of all this when I am not even in control? The best answer that this avatar is currently capable of providing is an evolutionary journey with VIP seat; a movie that is being watched in virtual reality for the first time.

What is the added value? Well, rather than sobbing over lack of control, it’s fascinating learning and understanding what this avatar is actually made off. What experiences does this character needs to engage with in order to add value to its gene and race? As this avatar begins to uncover different layers, many destructive characteristics and patterns begin to present themselves that have been piling up for years. Ego, selfishness, or fear of failure just to name a few. Where did jealously and hating on other people’s success initiate from? Bragging over physical advantages and ridiculing others when basically nothing was done to achieve them. What was the purpose of this dogmatic belief when it lacked moral value? Why was it accepted blindly without even considering different perspectives? Blissful ignorance.

The dominos have led the path to the red pill. There is no universal meaning, purpose, or mission unless one is given to it. Experience the present moment for what it actually is and reflect on failures for the purpose of evolution. Perhaps it’s time to release the dogmatic belief for a new humble foundation to rise.

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