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27 Aug

I want you to picture the wonderful sensation that you get when a loved one brushes your hair. The cold breeze that shivers down your spine in a good way. Or the feeling where you got super lucky when the chances of failing was as big as hitting the jackpot. Or the feeling when you have finally removed that last piece of food between your teeth for almost an hour, using your tongue, when you can could have easily done it with a fucking toothpick. Too deep? Good. That’s Carpe Diem.

I just watched Dead Poets Society for the first time and it amazes me that it took me so long to watch this beautiful movie. It reminds me of all the valuable simple tasks that I have pushed back by creating a monster out of them. Seize the day regardless of your circumstances was the message that I resonated with the movie. Sure, the movie wasn’t perfect and had its flaws – just like each and every single one of us – but it was incredibly powerful – just like each and every single one of us. It got me asking myself whether I have been seizing my day lately? You may ask what exactly is that? Beautiful question. Think of it this way, if today was your last “physical” day on the surface of the earth, would you be living it the way you have just did? My intuition and sceptic mind is screaming to bet on, fuck no.

I have been following a philosophy for some time that emphasizes on the concept of having just one day to live. No Saturday to Friday. Just Today. Right now. The present fucking moment. Think about it, if you could reprogram your mind that today is all there is – which by the day you can – would you be acting or reacting the way you usually do? Would you be enjoying the “annoying” moments? Regardless of the external situation, would you be happy or miserable? If you are unhappy at this very moment, is it helping you to experience a rich life or is it pushing you towards the idea that life is just unfair? If you feel like shit, then the good news is that you can reverse it. How you may ask? Excellent question. Understand that sadness is just a feeling and you can trick your brain into switching it. How again? Your brain is a central processing unit. Your hardware or sensors – such as five primary senses – provide information for your brain to analyze and make sure that you are away from anything that threatens your physical existence. I remember reading that force smiling yourself when feeling sad fools your brain into thinking that you are happy. Right hormones are triggered causing you to experience joy. Bullshit was my first honest reaction when I read it. Ironically, three years have passed and I am still using this technique to remind myself that everything is just in my head. What you and I see as reality is just 1% of what our eyes are capable of picking up from the “world” around us.

Our mind takes us down a rabbit hole and, if we are not aware, may take us to places that triggers all sorts of fears. The dark illusion of one perspective that prevents us from seizing the day. Am I seizing my day? I don’t know to be honest and I don’t think that am seizing every 24 hours. I have been practicing to wake up at 3 AM and do whatever that increases the level of joy within me. I sometimes don’t know what to do to move towards this sensation. This may be a passion clarification that I need to focus on; and as a result, I have been writing down my rich life. I have picked up “Rich Life” from Ramit Sethi who inspires people to think of a day where money, time, energy, or any other variable is not a limiting factor. He elaborates it so perfectly that my monkey brain could easily relate to it.

So challenge yourself. What would you do? Would you do it again tomorrow? My intuition and sceptic mind is screaming to bet on, fuck no. Before you write down your list, remember that you are not your thoughts. You are not even your body. Our creation of self is a combination of genetics, environment, memory, and made up identity. You can be and achieve anything that does not break the law of physics. So think outside the box and change your perspective to something outlandish. Too deep? Good. That’s Carpe Diem.

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